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Claire Chaulet loves to combine visual arts, performative art and socio-cultural projects and has been coordinating a wide variety of projects in the non-profit association Artistania since 2012. She is interested in how creative processes can be used to promote social participation, transcultural understanding and emancipation.


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City of Masks (2017-2020)

Since 2017, this series has constantly developed and presents a humorous interpretation of the diversity found in cities.

The installation, although ambivalent in its exhibition of facial appearances in urban communal areas, comments on the superficiality and exaggerated individualism of various masks, façades, looks and, of course, gazes. The text on the surrounding columns are selected surreal and absurd poems
from Prévert to Antonin Arthaud which helps the masks illustrate the ridiculous performances of the individual in the public sphere with their simultaneous longing for a unique identity and a physical sense of belonging. 

Giant Masks

The big friends are there to make you lough. They don’t catch the large head and stumble into the reality. They are exuberant, and a bit lost in our world full of conventions.

You can invite them for some interventions by sending an email to

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