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Claire Chaulet loves to combine visual arts, performative art and socio-cultural projects and has been coordinating a wide variety of projects in the non-profit association Artistania since 2012. She is interested in how creative processes can be used to promote social participation, transcultural understanding and emancipation.


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Giant Puppets

Humanoid (2020-2021)

Humanoid is a 3.5 tall lantern puppet, which can be manipulated by 1 or 3 Persons
The Shadows on its body represent stages of humanking as sedentarization, industrialization, capitalism...
The Humanoid is performing by night/ in the dark.

The glowing bird (2021)

the glowing bird was first conceived for the “Karneval für die Zukunft” entirely made our of recycling material. His feathers are made out of old laboratoy plastic gloves, which represent the human touch on nature.
Later the bird performed with the performance “Die Be-Flügelung”.

Grandmother of the Seas (2020)

The Grand-mother of the Seas was inspired by a Puppet we did with kids around the inuit myth of “Imap Ukua”, a female figure trapped in the depth of the ocean because of the trash let by humans.
The Grand-mother of the Seas visits regularly actions for the environment and her dress can be used for shadow theatre.

Pacha Plastica / Kulturona (2019-2020)

Pacha Plastica is as well made out of recycled material and visit different parades, interacts with kids and let her body being plastified.

Crea (2020)

Crea is a Giant puppet made out of wire and which plays with dark lights and shadows. The puppet is hanged and can be manipulated from the top or from the bottom. 


A little selection of puppets from various size and techniques made for different shows.