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Claire Chaulet loves to combine visual arts, performative art and socio-cultural projects and has been coordinating a wide variety of projects in the non-profit association Artistania since 2012. She is interested in how creative processes can be used to promote social participation, transcultural understanding and emancipation.


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Creative workshops

I’m very happy to offer creative workshops again for all generations!

I believe that artistic practices strengthen positive self-concepts, social skills and the ability to influence your surroundings positively. The creative workshops offer participants the opportunity to share their different perspectives with others, reflect about their own biographical path and have joyful and funny times.

Last but not least, the creative processes facilitate cooperative reflexes and encourage discussions about the present and the future. 

Requests  :

In the last years I lead workshops for various organisations and institutions: Deutsche Oper, Wannseeforum, Childfund, GLS Bank, Plural Arts, Trial and Error e.V., Alfred-Nobel-Schule, Young Arts Neukölln, Karneval der Kulturen,  Technische Jugendfreizeit- und Bildungsgesellschaft (tjfbg) gGmbH,  Nena e.V.,  La Ménagerie e.V., B-Arts,  Asociatia Sectia de Coregrafie...

Here you find examples of my workshops:

  • Mask-building

  • Puppet-building

  • Street and Urban arts

  • Stop-Motion and Media arts

  • Serigraphy and Prints

  • Lantern-buiding

  • Theater