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Claire Chaulet loves to combine visual arts, performative art and socio-cultural projects and has been coordinating a wide variety of projects in the non-profit association Artistania since 2012. She is interested in how creative processes can be used to promote social participation, transcultural understanding and emancipation.


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Claire (1990), co-founder of Artistania e. V., grew up in the suburbs of Paris with a German-French couple as parents. At the age of 19, after she travelled half a year in west africa with a theatre project, she moved to Berlin, where she started to conceptualise the organisation Artistania with Saba Tsereteli. In addition to her artistic work, Claire studied Political Science at the FU Berlin, followed by further education in the field of Cultural Management at the FH Potsdam and a Masters in Adult Education / Lifelong Learning at the HU Berlin.

Artistic work
Questions about transculturality, creative activism and empowerment are at the core of her artistic work. She is interested in how creative processes can foster social participation, intercultural understanding, and emancipation. Claire works with her surroundings, with found materials, themes and problems faced in specific contexts. Her artistic interventions in public spaces are a result of collaborative work with the people using these spaces.

In addition to visual art, Claire is involved as a stage designer, puppeteer and performer for the Theatre of Details and different independent theatre groups. She creates masks, giant puppets and other performative art pieces together with different communities and sociocultural projects.

From street art to street performances,  from community work to public interventions, her work reflects a continuous determination to bring art and creative practices outside of their safety zones to become tools for engagement and exchange in new surroundings.

As an interdisciplinary artist, Claire not only interacts with her urban environment in the form of static art but also in the form of performative interventions. The art works she creates are integrated in theatre, collective actions or in hybrid performative pproaches, such as parades and public storytelling.

Project coordination
Since 2012 she coordinates and organizes the most diverse projects in the association Artistania: Festivals, international cooperations, exhibitions, creative trainings…

Fundraising, HR, accounting, PR...through various experiences, learning by doing and professional trainings Claire became familiar with all kind of different tasks that surround a project.

Curently she coordinates Erasmus Projects (Artistania e.V.), neighbourhood projects (Karneval für die Zukunft) and creative school projects (Nena e.V.).


Claire engage as a facilitator and trainer for non-formal educational projects for different generations and publics. With the help of wide variety of faciliation tools and methods learnt during her studies in adult education and regular trainings (mediation, social permaculture, anti-rassism…), Claire wishes to foster transformative and emancipative learning processes. Currently she is trainer for international exchanges (Erasmus projects) and political youth education programms (Wannseeforum).

Her works can be seen at the Artistania Atelier. You can contact her on

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